• Nisan Style

    Bright designs from Nisan are presented to you with all their glory …

    In the whole world the heart of fashion beats for women… every color and design are competing with each other to express them… the design world where traditional expressions turn into different forms each season, is in another color and tone that will make women astonished… And we commented on these details for you with a specific state… You can easily find a detail for each taste in these designs… Just like a magic jungle, it’s full of color, mysterious, bright, innocent, wild, cool, romantic and enthusiastic…

    How do women want to see themselves? We set off to see this magic world of them to answer this question, and we found bright styles and designs that everybody can like. These designs include details that can make everybody happy in autumn and winter seasons. In our new concept in which designs and differences exist, our Rock and Romantic collection gathered the most interest. These two different worlds full of mysteries are balanced in these collections and they are enjoyable.

    Drops, nails, embroidery, printings, and themes, which are inevitable in Rock style, are figured in different styles in this collection in which you can mostly see black and grey colors preferred. In  romantic details unbelievable color tones and designs are together… This collection is cut in different forms and styles, asymmetrical knitwear, drop printed clothes, tights, jackets which you can wear at any time of the day.

    Designs which are performed by using soft threads, with thin cloth, and slits, back décolleté, having embroidery combinations have unbelievable stylish details. Every piece is beautiful in itself making you feel warm and comfortable in winter.

    While planning our designs we discovered your needs by entering your world. Then we made comments and redesigned everything for you. We prepared bright collections with all trends, styles, colors, designs, and lines of fashion. For everyone who wants to look marvelous and smart!..